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Being an Enterprise IT leader is a tough gig these days. A lot tougher than when I was in the seat!

You need to balance the need to continually drive innovation and transformation with the need to consistently optimize operations. You have to continually place bets on new technologies, emerging practices, and fresh approaches to old challenges and figure out what’s going to work for you.

It’s a tricky dance, especially when everything is changing so fast.

The DX Report is the hub of all research from The DX Institute and your answer to this tricky dance.

My name is Charles Araujo. I’m the founder and principal analyst of The DX Institute, an author, speaker, former enterprise IT leader, and publisher of The DX Report. (If you’re interested, you can get my whole story here.)

The goal of The DX Report and all of our research is to help you make sense of all this change and give you analysis and insights that will help you make the best decisions — make the right bets! — for your organization.

DX stands for Digital Transformation, the Digital Experience, and the Digital Enterprise — the mandates for the modern enterprise IT leader: you need to drive transformation to create winning digital experiences and lead your organization into becoming a digital enterprise.

To help, we cover five broad sectors of enterprise IT technology that comprise what we call the Digital Transformation Platform:

  • Business Architecture & Portfolio Management Platforms

  • IT Observability & Intelligence Platforms

  • Process Discovery, Orchestration & Automation

  • Data Integration & Intelligence Platforms

  • Digital Adoption & Experience Management Platforms

Your Source on the “Outside”

My team and I spend our days talking with enterprise executives, tech companies, and scouring industry news and analysis to give you the insights and perspective you need to make the right decisions — exactly what I wish I had when I was in your seat!

Rightly, you spend most of your time and energy focused on what’s happening inside your organization. But you need to keep an eye on what’s happening outside to keep grounded and current. So, consider me your source on the outside!

The Research the Enterprise IT Leader Needs to Make the Right Investments

We focus our research on the information you need to make the right investments for your organization. Our research includes original analysis on emerging trends in The DX Report itself, plus:

  • DXI Market Mover Profiles that describe vendors that we believe are noteworthy, so you can begin your investment exploration.

  • DXI Executive Insights that provide deep market analysis and either evaluates competitive vendor positioning or challenges you to look at things from a fresh perspective.

  • DXI Solution Briefs that dive deep into a given vendor’s solution.

  • DXI Transformation Spotlights that go deep on how one of your peers has applied a technology solution, the lessons they learned and the value — and transformation — they realized as a result.

It’s the research you need to make the right decisions and move forward — all for free!

And getting all this valuable perspective (if I do say so myself!) couldn’t be easier. Just subscribe and every piece of new research and analysis goes directly to your inbox.

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Digital Transformation • Digital Experience • Digital Enterprise: The research hub from The DX Institute. Insights and analysis for enterprise IT leaders on new enterprise tech, emerging practices, and fresh ideas for old challenges.


Tech analyst and authority on Digital Transformation, the Digital Enterprise, and the Digital Experience. Publisher of The DX Report, founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, author of three books, and sought-after keynote speaker.