The DX Institute

The DX Institute is a research and advisory firm delivering critical insights, independent credibility, and thought leadership on enterprise technologies.

We create all of our research for the enterprise IT leader to help them understand the rapidly changing enterprise IT market and develop a digital transformation capability.

We help enterprise technology providers cut through the market static, connect with the needs of enterprise IT executive buyers, and position themselves effectively to succeed in the competitive enterprise IT market. We cover five broad sectors that comprise what we call the Digital Transformation Platform:

Our Research

To do so, we produce several types of research that give enterprise enterprise IT leaders the information they need to understand the market and evaluate vendors that may be useful in their efforts to build a digital transformation capability.

  • The DX Report

    Our free newsletter providing brief analysis on emerging trends and practices impacting enterprise IT leaders. We also distribute all other research via this newsletter.

  • DXI Market Mover Profiles

    These profiles provide a snapshot of a vendor that we believe is doing something interesting and noteworthy in the market. The objective of this research is to introduce enterprise executives to these vendors and provide context for an initial evaluation including a summary of their value proposition, key features, their competitive posture, and and our analysis of their investment signals.

  • DXI Executive Insights

    Deeper, thought leadership research that analyzes the market (but without comparing vendors) and either analyzes one or more vendor’s competitive positioning within it or promotes a new perspective on it.

  • DXI Solution Briefs

    A deep dive into a vendor’s solution, providing analysis, positioning, and purchase considerations.

  • DXI Transformation Spotlights

    Deep analysis of an enterprise’s application of a given technology or solution, their lessons learned, and the value they created as a result.

If you are a vendor and would like to be considered for a DXI Market Mover Profile, or if you are an enterprise IT leader and would like to be considered for a DXI Transformation Spotlight, please email us at